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Saturday, June 29, 2019

first birthday photo shoot | caledon photographer

Let's talk business!  Who is an entrepreneur right now reading this? Who is an entrepreneur that has kids, put your hands up? I am!! who is a blogger or a photographer reading this?? I am!! well, not a blogger but a photographer. Just to let you know Im doing so many things AKA wrong in the world of blogging and having a website if you read the Pinterest boards or information from other photographers out there. I know I know. I could get more business if I did XYZ and I could get more followers if I did ABC. Yet, if I wanted to do it 100% right it would take time away from my family, it would make me have to raise my prices to get more help from other people or from other programs. I won't lie I will be doing that but at the same time, I don't do many things I want too because I want it to be up to standard. whos standards I'm not really sure about that. Maybe the internet world standard but to be real, it's too much to keep up with the rights and wrongs. Like for example how my photos are posted here. that is AKA the wrong way to many in this internet world yet, I can't keep up with it. Why because if I do it the way I just did I save soooo much time that I can not spend with my husband and kids. Even just hanging out by myself because if you have kids you know that time means a lot when you can actually get it. So for now on, I will not be writing on all my posts. I will not place the photos the right way. I will just share my art the way it works for me so, now I can go and hang out with my family. I hope everyone has a beautiful summer. I can't wait for it myself. I will be posting this week Summer Mini Sessions in the Caledon area. Also, fingers crossed the sunflower mini sessions will hopefully be going on too. Sending tons of love to all. Check out this cutest first birthday photo shoot. I just adore this family. Im was so lucky with the clients I get. Im truly blessed to do what I do. 

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