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Saturday, April 21, 2018

little miss flower | newborn photography king city

This is a family that i met a few years back, when I took photos of there first born. Here is the post.  I'm totally in love with mamas home décor. Its for sure my style, all light and airy. For me taking pictures in their house is amazing!!! I could say its a dream come true :) I love how clean and basic she likes the styling of the shoot. Yet, this time I was soooo over the moon and thrilled when she questioned if “we could  add a flower crown?? Can we?? Can we??!!” YES!!!!!!!! Once again another dream come true with lacy. I'm all over this styling!! lets do it!!

I couldn't wait to take the photos. Not just bescause of the styling of the shoot but I also because I love to see my clients and watch there kids grow and family grow. Here it is. This is how adorable the photos turned out of Miss M.

One last note, I will be accepting clients now for June 2018. If you are looking for family photos, newborn photo shoots, birthday mini sessions, please fill out the form here.

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