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Friday, January 6, 2017

my little sweet girl | bolton newborn photographer

im so lucky, im the auntie of this adorable little soul. i can't thank my brother and my sister in law enough for letting them capture her newborn photos. I love shooting newborns. I just love to watch them trying to learn every little thing in the world. just this little human that just popped out of mommies tummy and now gets to see what life is really all about. newborns and kids i feel bring you back to how life is so precious and how life is not really what other adults think its all about. they sit back and observe listen, hear and taste. everything is so simple to them nothing really worries them. it really makes me sit back and think what life is really about. i can't tell you enough how i could be so upset or so mad or so sick and i see a newborn, baby or toddler and it just turns my day around. they really remind me, a good amount of the time what life is really about. I enjoy and adore my family and if you want to check out them out look at this fall family shoot.

newborn photographyadorable newborn photography
 if you are looking for a newborn photographer in bolton, caledon, caledon east, north brampton or around these areas. please fill out my booking form and i would love to get back to you. i can't tell you how much i love shooting newborns.

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