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Thursday, December 29, 2016

how i started my business in photography

there are some of you that know me and some of you that may not. i wanted to take time to write just how i made my dream a natural success.  since I was in high school I always wanted to run my own business. I wanted to have a small business, have an amazing husband that I could just adore, and have him adore me right back.  also have some little kiddos.  with that same dream I also knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom with my little business. when thinking of what my business was going to be I knew it had to be with kids. I wanted to own my own kids store that sold amazing kids toys and clothes and in the back of the store it would have day activities for the moms and kids to come to to make crafts, play games anything fun and creative. after high school I went straight to business school and was taught the basics of being an entrepreneur. it went from the kids store to  home décor then back again.  my mind was going to what i loved.  actually, two out of five things I love. then during my last year of school it started.  I was working in a clothing store as a visual merchandiser. I started up my first business on the side with someone I meet at my job. a girl that had so much in common with me, a girl that wanted the same dream i did. we just hit it off. we both were very creative and both love home décor. as bold as we both were we left our jobs and started our new endeavor in home staging. Yes, you all know what that is now but back then no one did. it was just starting out. I have to say we only did it for a year but we did very well for our first year. we parted ways business wise because my dear friend had an opportunity she couldn't turn down with a amazing well known designer. I was sad. I felt I needed her by my side for that business and I still feel that way today. we both had worked so well together and did what we were both good at. I'm happy to say she is still one of my best friends and I adore her and her family. I will always thank her as well because if I remember correctly The Final Touch was the name she came up with. that was in 2006.  now 10 years later The Final Touch as been a company that has done it all from home staging to a vintage rental company to a vintage clothing company and a hand made gifts company. Yes, I dipped my hands in to everything I loved. then it came back to one of my hobbies, photography.  my wonderful step dad showed me the ropes and it was perfect.  it was everything that i ever wanted.  to work with famies and kids, Yes, kids... and babies these are the people I love to hang out with and have fun with.

well why I'm writing this is because during the 10 years of trying to do something I have always dreamed of. I cried, I was happy, I was frustrated, I wanted to give up. I was mad at myself. I could put myself down in 10 seconds because I just felt that I wasn't where I wanted to be. Now after being married, getting a house, having the most supportive husband, parents, family and friends and having my kids. I can stay finally my dream has came true. I have my dream job/business.  I get to be creative, hang out and meet the best people and coolest kids. I stay at home with my kids and have my business. let me tell you when you read what everyone else has written about starting your own company its true. you have to work hard, nothing is given to you, you can't give up.  every time something doesn't work out, it just means you are learning, always keep practicing, ask for help, don't compare yourself to others.

I guess I wanted to share with you that I know everyone has a dream. if its owning your own business, or having a family, or traveling the world or writing a book or even being a blogger. what ever it is. I'm here for you. I feel you. I have felt the way you feel right now. yet, cry it out, get mad do what you need to, to move on and push yourself to work harder. because trust me it will come true. it maybe not what you always thought it was going to look like but trust me when you are there you will know and you can finally say "I did it!" I can say, it wasn't just now that I have felt that way. When I put my kids to bed, when I have moments with my husband, when I'm hanging out with my friends and cousins and their kids. I think these are all moments that I couldn't wait to happen and here they are. I believe life works out for us. yet, I know for myself I needed to hear that people have felt the same way I did to keep me going on those days I don't feel success.

Yet, just like every other time one of my dreams come true I'm going to make some new ones. the new part of my business is something I found out a long time a go that I loved to do when I was in retail and that was teach. I'm going to start teaching dslr photography classes to moms and really anyone else that wants to know how to use their dslr. its taking a bit longer then I wanted to to get it started but again, I have a family and an amazing business so when I get time I'm working on it. I hope to have it ready for spring for sure. Sign up here to get the updates on it. Last of all, happy holidays and talk to you in 2017!!
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