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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

happy birthday little sweetie | ontario photographer

happy 1st birthday to this sweet little soul. she is always a joy to see and to be around. just like her mom and dad. this is one of my cousins bffs since i was little and its so amazing how she is always a part of our family and now her little sweet daughter is too. i have to give a shout out to this little angles mom. she is really a true loving soul. you can't help but feel the love and the open heart she has. well just this month she can out with a book. i think its a must have book in everyone baby collection. I'm happy to say that my sweet cousin gave me it last week and its been a joy to read it to my boys. its a must of book in your babies collection Alphamations: Discovering the Power of Affirmations Through the ABC's
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don't for get to add this lovely book to your babies book collection. its a must have

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